Loss is part of life, it always has been. We’ve forgotten how to process this as part of our living.   Two qualified and experienced hypnotherapists  present a unique seven week interactive programme, within a supportive and private community, using tried and tested methods to help you adjust and heal through your journeys of grief, change, and loss – whatever the cause. 

Welcome to The Grief Tree – Healing from Loss Programme

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The Aim of our Unique Grief Tree Programme

The aim of our new programme The Grief Tree© is to listen, support and guide you through your personal healing journey from loss, delivered to you through 7 weekly modules, both pre-recorded and live sessions. We provide empathy and guidance with a variety of cognitive and practical exercises allowing you to have peace, clarity, understanding, empathy and support with simple and appropriate coping mechanisms. 


The Grief Tree tools are used to give you the framework to fall back on whenever you should need it, giving you the transformation that you’re seeking, and you have lifetime access to the material we send you. The tools that you learn here can be applied to the twists and turns of life.  


I took the Grief Tree programme  after suffering from compounded losses over a number of years. It supported me and changed my life for the better while I adjusted to massive changes. Best of all I’ve found the effects are long-lasting, and my resilience has increased exponentially.

JJ, Oxford, UK


means that with the loss of a loved one our world changes forever. Sadly it is part of being human and something we all experience at different times in our lives. It can tear us apart as we struggle to mourn, to cope and to live without them. This includes both still birth and miscarriage.

Loss of Role:

can come from many different situations including: redundancy, change of job, change of location, an empty nest, bereavement, relationship breakdown, and more.

Divorce and Relationship Breakdown:

can be utterly shattering especially if it is unexpected. Sometimes this loss can feel even worse than a bereavement because memories may be tarnished and there may be feelings of betrayal.

Loss of Home:

can be planned, or unplanned due to external circumstances. This can be a relief for some or lead to feelings of great loss in others.

Covid Grief:

is something new for all of humanity to deal with. Covid-19 has taken away & changed so much. We have lost so many loved ones, many much too soon. It’s affecting the world’s health, work, education and our freedoms.  So much has changed including Funerals and how we are able to mourn.

Disability and Illness:

can be life-changing for the individual and their families. This can bring a profound sense of loss and a unique grief.

Interrupted Grief:

is when circumstances interefere with the normal grieving process and this can stall the healing process and lead to complicated and long standing grief. There are many reasons for this, and the current Covid restrictions are an example of this.

Loss of Self:

happens when deep grief and loss both swamps and overwhelms us, leading to immense disruption of the usual coping mechanisms.  This often happens after a series of major lifeshocks.

Anticipatory Grief:

often occurs after a life changing diagnosis or severe illness, and can affect both individuals and families. It can run very deep and be extremely hard to cope with.


Sudden Death / Loss of a Pet:

Sudden death can be hugely shocking, and often brings a particularly profound grief.         Losing a pet can be just as painful as losing a person. It can be profound in its own right or bring back other losses.



Start date: to be confirmed. Coming very soon.

Are you struggling and need help?

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this is the GUARANTEED LOWEST EVER PRICE for this unique programme. The price will increase substantially for the next & subsequent intakes. The Early Bird offer is time limited.

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Sasha Holyoake BA Hons, C-hyp is an experienced and qualified coach and therapist with a passion for people, and for finding a way to connect with people & do so without judgement.

 Sasha is a qualified Hypnotherapist and has honed her skills over the years,  transforming her intuitive insights into her daily passion which now gives others their own freedoms and breakthroughs. She is often classed as the wise friend who you can call in the middle of the night in a crisis, and it’s clear that this connection is not just a personality trait but also a gift.



About Us 

Sasha and Sarah have both experienced a multitude of life’s challenges, changes and losses but have, through their wide experience, in-depth training, working with clients and serving others, found the best ways in which to lead happy, purposeful, and inspiring lives.

Their instinctive connection to people has led them both to aid, coach and mentor individuals and groups to a whole new level and it’s a joy and an opportunity for them to be able to pass that knowledge on.

There has been so much loss and change across the world in the last twelve months and their unique combination of skills and experience are extraordinarily transformative for anyone who is struggling with loss, change or grief.

Sasha and Sarah also work individually with clients and details can be found on their websites which are linked below their biographies.


Sarah Pym DipCBH is a certified Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist  and a VHT Practitioner and holistic bodyworker.

Sarah is an experienced therapist and studied an evidenced based course of Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy with the UK College of Hypnosis & Hynotherapy in London. The training is robust, nationally recognised and externally validated. Sarah works with both mind and body uncovering layers of connections barely recognised by most people.

Sarah is also a professional artist and, when appropriate, combines elements of art therapy into a course of treatment. Sarah is also a trained St John’s Ambulance Event First Aider, Vaccinator, and a Mental Health First Aider.


From the darkness…. 

What’s involved?

The Grief Tree programme is a guided seven week course with both private self paced materials sent out weekly by email for you to work through. The specifically designed materials are a mix of coaching, guided hypnosis, mindfulness and tasks. This is supplemented by a weekly LIVE two hour group coaching session with Sasha and Sarah to support you through your healing journey. The live coaching take place online with a link sent to you each week. There is also a private Facebook group which runs for the duration of the course where you can share your journey, ask for help, and support others. It’s a fully experiental experience and frequently the deepest healing comes from being within a guided, supportive community.

It’s an integral part of being human to experience loss and some people feel it more than others. If you are struggling and want to come out of the darkness and into the light then this is the course for you. We can’t change what has happened in your life  or make it go away however we can help you to work through it towards healing and acceptance.  

In order for the best possible results we limit the numbers therefore there are only a limited number of places available.        

to the light…..

Are you struggling and need help?

Please sign up to our mailing list for news and updates for our amazing programme The Grief Tree – Healing from Loss.              Click the button to sign up to      our mailing list.


this is the GUARANTEED LOWEST EVER PRICE for this unique programme. The price will increase substantially for the next & subsequent intakes. Early bird offer is time limited. Click on the button to enroll.

Limited places.

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“The Grief Tree Programme helped me come to terms with the loss of my job, my partner and my house. It really was one thing after another over two years. I’d reached the lowest point I ever had in my 55 years and I couldn’t face starting again. It was the worst time of my life. The programme taught me how to cope with everything I was facing. I learnt how strong I was, I found the skills to find a new path. Six months on I’m at peace with all that happened, I found my confidence , and I learnt how love again.”

SD, Essex, UK

Start date: to be confirmed. Coming very soon.

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