Behind the scenes Sasha and Sarah are working on bringing you a series of unique and powerful podcasts on the topic of grief and loss. We want you to be able to hear our stories, to understand how far we have come and why we do the work we do. We also want you to hear the stories of others, and perhaps you will want to share your story too.

The seeds of grief get sown at the moment of loss.

From there your grief tree will grow, your tears will nurture her.

At the root there is the raw pain, sadness, shock, denial, emptiness, numbness, anger, frustration, tears, heartbreak. As your tears flow and grow the roots into the trunk and these emotions entwine, the tree carries on growing, constantly moving even when we don’t want it to.

At the point where the branches form, we reach acceptance, everyone’s trees grows to a different rate to get to acceptance. Every tree is unique, every journey is personal. The podcasts will help you to understand this.

As the branches grow , so does memory, joy, peace, legacy and happiness.

You can sit under your tree and look up at these branches anytime you wish, the tree never leaves, it’s yours to lean on, forever.

As you look up at and see what has flourished, AND how far you’ve come, you can feel the sadness in the trunk but see the joyful memories up above, carrying new possibilities.

The pain of loss can feel too much to bear in the beginning, it can feel like our hearts are breaking as we fumble our way through.

But as life moves on around us our grief changes. With support you can learn to feel into the pain to come to the healing you need to grow. You will hear some amazing and transformative stories in the podcasts.

It’s not ever about forgetting a person, it’s not ever about numbing out the loss, it’s not about moving on quickly. 

It’s learning how to accept the loss and access the healing.

It’s learning how to grow your grief tree into your tree of life.

We’re sending so much love for anyone that needs it today and we will update you on the launch date for the podcast soon.