I bought my first bunch of daffodils of this year today. Impulsively added into my weekly shop to herald the fact that it is getting lighter and Spring will soon come.

Just as I cut their stems and put them in the vase, and while turning the tap on, I had such vivid flash of bringing fresh daffodils to my parents’ homes in their last weeks.

As the water filled the vase I looked out of the window and I felt the slight twinge of the familiar ache of past losses, but  it no longer cuts me, as it once did. That glimmer of loss was immediately replaced by the very vivid and warm memories of the appreciative smiles which acknowledged each and every vase of the bright yellow flowers brought to cheer and brighten and with such love.

For me, from these two losses, it’s the eternal love that remains, and always will.

Sarah Pym 05/02/2021